Like-Excel Grid Input

Here we explain how to use like-excel grid input and its function

With Like-Excel Grid input, you can easily add/edit or delete data and selection and full keyboard navigation is just like excel.

Add line

  • Click "+" icon and it will add line that you can enter new data.

  • Do not add multiple line at the same time.

  • Short cut key : [Ctrl - 1]

It is important that you only add line once and any new lines with empty data will be automatically deleted after you make an input. As soon as you make an input for the first new line, remaining new added lines will be deleted.

Edit Data

Two way to make edit data in the grid :

  • Select the cell that you want to make a change and then just start to type. (It will overwrite the exisitng data)

  • Select the cell and then press "F2" to highlight the text in the cell. (Just like Excel)

After changing data, it will automatically save into database, so pay attention before you make any changes.

Delete Data

If you delete the data, it will delete any relating data that is used before, so pay attention before you delete the data or speak to your system administrator.

Export Data

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