Here we will go over how to process sales orders

Collaboration via Sales Orders

Using Sales Order management features to createa and control orders is very easy. You can create a seamless workflow that confrim each step of the order has been completed, which leads to a systematic inventorymanagement.

You can enter sales orders via

  • manually enter the form, or

  • Order App, or

  • import from excel template

Order Status

Order status are

  • Draft : The order is not confirmed and hence it can be modified or deleted.

  • Open : The order is confirmed and ready to convert into invoice. The order quantity is recognised as "Committed Qty" in the stock on hand.

  • Close : The order is expired and no logner available for invoice.

Create Order Form

  • Click "+" icon or F2 for short cut

Modify Order Form

Customer First : Select customer first as layout and currency may change according to customer set up. If layout changes, the grid item will be reset.

Two Layout available :

  1. Item : The grid layout will allow to enter item code which link to Item Master in Inventory.

  2. Service : The grid layout will allow to enter general ledger account number which link to accounting journal.

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