Here we will go over how to execute and manage salesperson

Register salesperson in HR

Salesperson has to be registered from HR > Employees. (Must check the Salesperson flag to be shown)

Only registered salespersons will be shown on the left side.

To Use CRM app, salesperson must be linked to UserID in Sales > Setup & Maintenance > Sales Settgins > Salesperson - User ID Link.

The salesperson with Star icon on the left side is the one linked to the UserID that currently you are logged in.

Add New Log

  • Select salesperson on the left side that you want to work on.

  • Click "+ Add New Log" on the top left corner.

  • Fill the details in log and click "Save Changes" button

Edit Log

  • Click the line that you watn to edit in the table (on the right side)

  • Fill the details in log and click "Save Changes" button

Add to Calendar : This check box can tell you whether the entry is Schedule Type or Log Type. when it adds to calendar it will be Schedule Type and will be shown on the Calendar in the CRM App. Schedule Type log will be shown with red calendar icon in the log table.

Customer : When you select the Customer to link, you can see the logs or schedules in the Customer profile which shows the data in the customer point of view.

In Charge : Log will link to in charge employee (who is also checked as Salesperson in HR) in the log or the in charge employee for the region that linked to the customers.

Contact Reason / Type: You can add/edit the list of reaons and types in the Basic Data

#Contact Reasons, #Contact Methods

Delete Log

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