Registering company

Here we break down how you would go about registring your business into iTaxlink account

  • Once you have registered your account you'll need to set up your company (business). When you complete the registering email, the web page will redirect to registering business page.

  • Fill in the details and most of information is compulsory.

ABN : Input 11 digits of ABN without spaces.

Signatory Name / Business Name : Full name is required as it sends to ATO when you submit the STP.

Bank Details is not compusory elements so you can skip this entry.

  • When you complete the registration of the company, you will see the complete message as per below and System administrator will approve your access.

  • When you sign in the web page and see the page like below, your account is still waiting for the approval from System administrator. This process will normally take within 24 hours.

If you need it urgently, send an email to administrator.

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